Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nearing the End

It's funny because when I started this blog I had so much to say - because of my situation at the time. Now as we are approaching the end of the "Divorce" my life has slowed down a ton and you know what, I am definitely ok with that!! But I feel like I do not have much "dish" to spill. I promise, I will try harder.

The only step I have left to do is attend a divorce planning thing that is MANDATORY when you have a minor child. It is 4 hours long and from what Mark told me, completely awful. I get the whole premise behind it, but really? Do I need to be told that I should never say bad things about my spouse - from an unknowing third party- to my daughter? Do I need to know ALL the statistics of what happens to a child of divorce? Nope, I do not. Thinking about that is enough to depress anybody.

My hope is that Piper will come out unscathed from all of this. I am a child of divorce and it was the best thing that happened to me and my family. There's just something about having a happy Mom and Dad in your life - even if it is on separate terms. And I may be biased, ok I am biased, but I think having a happy Mom is the most important factor. I am really happy with my life right now - I am comfortable with who I am and I think that shows through to Piper on a daily basis. I very much still love being a Mom - that is a "job" I will never get tired of. And who knows, maybe one day I will have another one - the possibilities are endless!

On a completely random note, I went to a Mary Kay party with Jax a few weeks ago and then hosted a party for the Mary Kay gal. Now, NOW, she will not leave me alone. She talks about how this is a great opportunity, especially going through a divorce and needing extra money, blah, blah, blah....Umm, lady I do not want to do it. I am not a salesperson. I like your product, now leave me be. Why am I so nice that I just can't say NO? Lord!! Any ideas of how to politely say "no, thanks?"

Monday, November 10, 2008

"And that's how we roll..."

The weekend with the fam was exactly like I knew and hoped it would be. We had a great time and I think laughed the entire time we were there. Of course, my brother had to pull up my blog so my Aunt Jackie could read the post about her. At first I think she was offended, but as the weekend progressed and she realized that she really is a grouchy ol' woman - it made for good times! Really I think what made her the nicest was when she found out that Mark and I were splitsville. Funny, because that was the part I found the most humerous!

And she obviously did not feel that sorry for me because she still called me a bitch - at least three times an HOUR!

At one point in the weekend, I slipped and said "That's how I roll!" I got so much crap for this that it became the phrase of the weekend. I think it started when I told my Mom that she needed to get surgery on her eye lids. She thought I was being rude, I thought I was simply being polite. She said "Michele Renee, you little b i t c h!"

Now let me explain, my Mom is a beautiful lady. There was one time that we had a conversation about plastic surgery and she said that IF in fact she got plastic surgery it would be on her eyes to remove the excess skin on her lids. I asked her this weekend if she was still considering this. Much to my amazement she forgot about that conversation and thought I was putting her down. So for the rest of the weekend when we would talk to each other, she would raise her eyebrows and talk like she was a mummy. Good times people, good times.

We went to a Branson show on Saturday - the Chinese acrobats. Piper and I were going to leave at intermission, but that little girl liked the show SO much that we stayed until the bitter end. She was absolutely amazed with it all. We started off with popcorn, that she proceeded to spill all over the floor. Think popcorn...flying through the air...landing on the guy behind us...him giving me a what the ??? face...yup, I was that Mom.

After Piper got adjusted, the show started - her little mouth was open in amazement the whole show. After the break she decided to sit on my cousin Terrie's lap. Now 99% of the show plays loud music, but there is one part where it is dead silent (pin drop silent) as the guy puts two swords to his neck and pushes on them to bend them. 5 seconds into the silence, Piper being 4 people away from me, she yells "Momma, what is he going to do?" I look at her and put my finger to my mouth to say, "Shhhh, Piper Sams!" She is oblivious and says it yet again, only louder this time. "Momma, what is he going to dooooooo!!!" People laugh, my Mom says this is exactly what she prayed for all her life as payback for me and I slink down in the chair.

Halloween was good as well. Piper did the same thing she did last year. She was shy the first few houses, than a rock star at the rest of them. Next year she wants to be a witch, a cat and a dog. Not sure why or how we're going to pull that off!
Here is her outfit. Sorry, I had to "funk" it up with the hot pink converse. Princess shoes are so last season! :o)