Tuesday, September 14, 2010

25 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I consider Piper my best friend.
  2. I have OCD with cleanliness - especially my house.
  3. If someone moves a picture or object in my house, I will find it immediately and move it back to it's proper position.
  4. I love working out.
  5. I will never believe my body is where it needs to be physically.
  6. I am considering writing a children's book on blended families.
  7. I am not a morning person.
  8. I would love to write greeting cards for Hallmark.
  9. I have a fear of public speaking.
  10. I am an introvert who outwardly portrays that I am an extrovert.
  11. I am scared to death to get married again.
  12. I can't stand people who are negative.
  13. I am engaged to a man who treats me better than I have ever been treated and that makes me uncomfortable.
  14. I am moody.
  15. I dislike scary movies.
  16. My favorite show is Biggest Loser.
  17. I would love to become a yoga instructor - just for fun.
  18. I want to own a Subway within the next 5 years.
  19. I am addicted to Craigslist.
  20. I take medication for anxiety and swear by it.
  21. I have an annoying habit of telling people how little I paid for an outfit when they tell me they like it.
  22. My family is the most important thing in the world to me.
  23. I dislike talking on the phone - I would rather text.
  24. I would love to have another baby, even though I say I don't want to.
  25. I am determined to raise my daughter to know that she is beautiful on the inside and out and she will always be my most favorite person in the world.

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tootie said...

#25 is so sweet! And I love the Biggest Loser, too! I just saw the previews for the next season and I can't wait.