Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Decision 2008

So, I have to say I am happy I got responses on my last post. Thank you so much. And I bet you are all dying to know what my decision is - well probably not dying, but at least ready for the answer.

I am not taking him.

I really need some time to myself for 5 days. Not necessarily to be by myself, but to be "just me" - which I have not been for a long time. My family brings out the best in me. They appreciate my quirks and everything that goes along with that. I don't want the pressure of this trip being the end all be all for us. And yes, I am sure I will miss him - but will I miss "him" or the companionship he brings me? I do not know the answer to that right now.

I also think it is important that Mark spends time with Piper by himself for a while. He has not been with her by himself for that long ever. I need their relationship to be strong because when we do separate after we sell the house, it is going to be hard enough dropping her off to see him.

So, perhaps I will meet Lars so he can lotion up my body. No funny business, I promise!


Jax said...

HOORAY! Good decision...and good reasoning for making it. :)

Stacia said...

Great decision! That is coming from one who will be divorced TOMORROW, woo hoo!

♥Joy♥ said...

Way to go on making a reasonable decision! =D Being firm on something so life changing (separation in the future, etc) is better than being a limp handshake about it!!! Yay for vacations without men!

and real Stacia. Yay! My divorce was finalized umm 4 years ago this July! Yayyy for divorcing crappy assed men!

Jax said...

I miss you. Come back to work. NOW.