Monday, June 16, 2008


My mom and I have always had this joke about when my step dad passes away that she will find a man named Lars to do all of her dirty work. If you catch my drift. Lars always seemed like the appropriate name. When I think of Lars, I think of a Greek God that can barely speak any English. All you would need to do it just point to the spot you would like lotion applied and Lars would oblige.

This Friday my family and I are headed to the beach (Cozumel). We will be there for five glorious days of drinking, boating, tanning and more drinking. And NO KIDS! Did I mention NO KIDS? NO KIDS! Now I love Piper and I know on day 2 I will miss her terribly, but Momma needs this vacation and she needed it a long time ago.

I have still yet to decide if I want to take Mark. Am torn about it actually. Why, crazy woman are you torn about this you may ask? Ya, I have no freaking idea. I guess my rational is who would not want to be with their husband on white sand beaches. Heck, if we can't have fun there then we are for sure done.

Then there is the part of me that would like to go there alone and reflect. Think about what I need out of life and unfortunately, I think it is to be alone - for a while at least. Any suggestions? Go with him or leave his butt home? Majority rules!


Jax said...

Leave him home. LEAVE HIM HOME. Besides, you dont want glorious photos to frame for your office of you and your loving husband...if indeed they wont remain framed for long.. Eh? Ask him to step out of the family pictures at dinner and stuff? That's just not tactful.. lol!

Maria said...

Leave him home. I don't really know you, but from your blog it seems like the time away would do you both some good.

care said...

it depends.

do you still have doubts about whether or not you're "done?" if something goes horribly wrong will you be able to get away from each other? if something goes wonderfully right will you be able to get away to be with each other?

I am a HUGE fan of reflection and time alone. It helped me oodles when I went through my divorce a few years ago. BUT--if you think you'll spend the whole time regretting he's not there, if you think you really want the best shot y'all can get...then maybe?

And, think about your family. Do THEY want him there? If he's there will they tip-toe the whole time and whisper behind your back? Or lecture him? Or you? Alternatively, if you don't bring him will they incessantly discuss him or will they let you enjoy your time off?

Clearly, I am an analytical decision maker. I say do what your pros and cons tell you to. And more importantly what your heart tells you to.

blaze said...

I have to agree with Care on this one. There seems to be more to this. If you think there's still a chance for the relationship then this trip may be able to determine one way or the other. If you've already quit the relationship then bringing him along will just be a burden.

So, if you want to see about your feelings for him, I say take him.

♥Joy♥ said...

Hmmm. Your previous blogs seem resigned to him being an "ex" yet this one has some fraction of hope stuck deep in between the lines.
You should probably look at that first. Do you have hope for a future with him or are you preparing for a future without him?

I'm with Care & Blaze. I also think that there is certainly enough time to take a sabbatical for yourself, either away from the group on this trip, or taking another alone later on if possible.

The choice is ultimately yours. I vote answer yourself if you are truely done or not. Answer that, and you'll have your decision.