Thursday, June 5, 2008

Picnics and Parties

Mark left to go to California today for FIVE days to help his uncle lay tile in their new house. Now, I may be a little selfish saying this, but I LOVE having my daughter all to myself. We have a blast. PLUS, she gets to bed on time and is so much happier in the mornings for it. Have you read my "Grouch" post? Momma needs good mornings with Piper!

When I told her that Daddy was going on a trip, the first thing she said was "Can we have a picnic in your bed Momma?" You bet your ass we can honey! And you can get crumbs on your Dad's side of the bed too - WOO HOO!


♥Joy♥ said...

There is nothing like being with your kids by yourself and not having to worry about anyone/anything else! It's just you and your rules, no one elses. Most of the time, it's great when it's anything goes!! =D

Jax said...

Next time, I think I need to ask "Can we go out and party?" b/c I think I'd get the same response "You bet your ass we can..." LOL! :))))

Jax said...

...and I like the pic and new stuff on the blog! :))