Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now Just A Mad Mom

So we sold my 2004 Nissan Quest mini-van today and let me tell you, it was a bitter sweet feeling. I loved that van, so seeing it drive off was harder than I expected. Of course it had a rattle on the passenger side door that drove me batty, but hey, it was still a darn good van!

When I told Piper we were selling the van and the people came to test drive it, she hopped in the van and clung to her travel TV/DVD for dear life. I am NOT even kidding. After 5 minutes, I finally convinced her that if these fine people bought the vehicle the TV would come right out, as it was not a part of the purchase. She reluctantly got out, but I know in her little mind she thought I was lying to her. Oh ye of little faith!

And yes, I wanted a Dodge Charger, but some people have tried to convince me other wise. And I hate to admit this because those "some people" will get a good laugh out of it, but I agree with them. It is a BIG vehicle and I really do not need that much of a vehicle. Really all I want is to have a $250 car payment and call it good. That would save me $150 a month, because I was paying $400 a month on my van (I was a good girl and was actually paying $60 more than the loan was a month).

See Mom, you did raise me right! Well, on this one thing at least.

And now to the fun part. I am not getting a new vehicle. I am going to take Mark's 2008 Jeep Patriot and drive it. It is a good vehicle, but we also pay $400 a month on this. It was his idea, NOT mine to get the darn thing - but somehow, like always - it was my idea to get the Jeep? WTF? Please note, I am not going to pay the full $400 on it. I am going to have the credit union transfer $250 of the loan over to my account and have it taken out of my paycheck. He can deal with the other $150 and get an old beater. He said he is ok with this. We shall see.

It took me over an hour to clean that Jeep out. And a box full of crap, plus a grocery bag full of trash later, I was done. It was disgusting. Who does that to a brand new Jeep?

Other not so fun news. I told Mark today that I was moving out at the end of August whether we sold the house or not. His response? "F U C K! I did not know it was that bad!" Really, because where have you been for the last 5 months? Not for sure really. And why within the past week has he started wearing his wedding ring again? For the love of Pete! Can someone get me a shot of tequila? I'm gonna need it soon!


♥Joy♥ said...

The response I got from my ex was:
"Hmmm. Well don't fucking come back this time." yanno, cuz I'd left once before and he was a woman-beating asshole anyways.

Poor Piper. I hope you took her with you when you removed the DVD out of the van so she knows you were lying!

The Charger is awesome. I'd buy it in a heart beat but I actually DO need the space. I don't want to be a Mini-Van Mom. =( So depressing (no offense) but I'm only 27 and I really don't want that Mini-Van Mom thing going on yet...I'd rather be the cool WOW you're mom's soooo awesome! kind of mom.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the only way I can find anything out about my sisters life is in her blog. God forbid she would answer her cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by the way if you need anything you know I am only a phone call away.

Kelz World said...

i know this seems weird and you have no idea who i am but i came across your blog through someone else and then someone else and the stories about your daughter make me smile when i read them, she seems so smart and so ready for life it amazes me. You as well make me laugh, i know the things with your soon to be ex husband are tough but you seem to be taking them with great stride and i am proud of you!!!

oh and feel free to read my blog its only just begun!!