Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Say what you mean and mean what you say

About three months ago I made the horrible mistake (ONE TIME) of telling Piper she could get out of bed if she "needed" to. In my mind this meant "if your bed was on fire or you had to go poop". In her little mind, this meant I can get out of bed when I can't go to sleep, ONLY five minutes after Momma has laid me down.

At first it was funny, and I have to admit it still kinda is, when she would get up. I would hear her in the beginning because she has a step stool to get on and off her bed. She cannot get of that darn thing without making a thud. Then the little feet start to moving and in 2.2 seconds she is down the hallway and into my room. Now, what makes this even more funny is my daughter has curly hair and when she lays down, even for 5 minutes and then gets up, she looks like a mad scientist. I love it, it makes me laugh every time.

Last night was especially hard for her to go to bed. Maybe it because I am a bad mother and let her watch TV before bed or maybe it was the 1/2 bag of M&Ms she devoured earlier in the evening - either way, she was up three times. After the first time I told her that she could only get up if she "really, REALLY needed me". The second time she came, she said "Momma, I really, REALLY need you to scratch my back." I was doing my yoga at the time, so she followed up with "but I will wait until you are done with your oga and then we will go back to my bed. Ok, Momma?"

Who could argue with that? I mean after all she was letting me do my exercises? Right?

We went back and I scratched her back and left. Only THIS TIME I was smarter than that silly 3-yr-old. I waited outside of her room, in the hallway. Not 2 minutes later, thud, she was out the door and I was standing there. She smiled and said, "Momma, I really, REALLY need you to play with my hair, ok?"

We went back to her bed and I threatened her with her life, she was scared (ok not really). But, I did tell her that she could not get out of bed anymore tonight...then I proceeded to play with her hair. I am such a sucker for that little girl!


♥Joy♥ said...

ROFL you've got it easy. Mine gets up no matter what for an umpteen amount of times. It is soooo hard to not say "Ok, fine, I'll turn on the TV!!" Because I know she'll fall asleep quick...but she needs to learn to listen, not bug me til she gets her TV. LOL!

She also runs to me at full speed whispering "MOM! SISSY'S ASLEEP! CAN I GET UP NOW!!??" Then I have to laugh because a.)uh no, she can't and b.) i don't know WHY she is whispering because uhh...Sissy doesn't sleep with her Implants so she can't hear!

Jax said...

I love Piper! haha! Nice. She's got you wrapped, lovely..