Monday, July 14, 2008

The Single Life (Plus 1) may be better than I thought

This weekend Mark and I went to a birthday party for a co-worker (on Saturday). It was at Full Moon and there were dueling pianos. I LOVED it! I think I need to go there more often. Ok, I loved it until a woman got on stage for her birthday and then her boyfriend got up on stage to a bar....drunk. Who the hell does that?

Well, anyway, I may have ruined the night because I was all "Don't do it!" Outloud, yes, outloud. Mark was not too happy with me, but hey what's new! She still said yes, so it must not have been as loud as I thought - I will scream louder next time that happens. Then I will walk up on stage and say, "look, I know you think you are in love, but seriously - can't you just live in sin together, have premarital sex and be happy? And, really, the first year OR FOUR are no walk in the park's my number, call me and we can talk."

After the party, I met my friend Jax out, with some of her friends. Of course, I wanted to go by myself and Mark did not like that. But really, he needs to get used to it because that's how it is going to be for awhile or forever. Needless to say, I drove him home and came back. It was a fun time, relaxed but fun. Her friends are awesome and quite funny. I felt like the old me (but a Mom now). The bar was not a meat market, I did not know a sole and still had a good time. I have promised myself I will do this again, many, many times.


Jax said...

Yes, just let me filter the random guy...haha! Yes, come out again :) But, earlier next time!!!

♥Joy♥ said...

omg...ty for the comment! i heart comments! =D I sure hope I can keep it up, so far so good 23 lbs down, only 40 more to go!

Jax filtering the random guy doesn't sound like a bad idea either...=D

I don't like to go out to drink much. I'm pretty much past that, 2 kids will sober you right up! LOL I go karaoke A LOT though! It's like my favorite thing to do. I'm so dang cheesy!